Thank Folk For Feminism is a new podcast that launches on February 3rd 2021

“Our mission is to provide a fun, fierce and uplifting platform for feminists, allies and all celebrating a diverse range women’s voices from within folk music. We want to showcase and celebrate women’s stories and music while opening up wider conversations about gender equality. At its core, Thank Folk For Feminism will serve to encourage positive change with our listeners by our sides.”

Two podcasts a month! Each month, co-hosts Lucy Ward and Pinky Ward will interview a range of women exploring a theme. February’s theme kicks off with a bang on 3rd February with MUSIC AS ACTIVISM and the very first guest is none other than folk luminary and activist Peggy Seeger!

On 17th February, the second podcast on this theme shares an interview with singer songwriter and community music leader Katy Rose Bennett about her work with ‘In Her Shoes collective’, writing music and songs with refugee women and girls. Alongside this, Lucy and songwriter Elie Rees attempt to rewrite a traditional folk song with feminism in mind!

Here is a little look at what is coming up in the next 3 months:

MonthThemeEpisode Guest
3rd FebruaryMusic as activismPeggy Seeger
17th FebruaryMusic as activismKaty Rose Bennett
3rd MarchMusic is my motherNancy Kerr
17th MarchMusic is my motherStevie Smith
7th April#TradStandsWithHerBIT Collective
21st April#TradStandsWithHerElla-Joy

Thank Folk For Feminism believes in intersectional feminism and seeks to create an inclusive platform to ensure the voices of marginalised groups are included such as women of colour, trans women and those who are non-binary, disabled women, and women who may otherwise be excluded based on race, class, age, religion, education or any other experience are included in our conversations.

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A little info about the hosts:

Lucy Ward is a singer songwriter, BBC Folk Award Winner and activist. Alumni of Glastonbury’s famous LeftField Stage and former Musicians Union representative, she has dedicated her art to stories of change, love and social justice.
‘Powerful and original’ The Guardian, ‘Inspiring’ Billy Bragg

Lisa ‘Pinky’ Ward is CEO of Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre and Lived Experience Consultant at Kings College London. A passionate lover of folk music she has run More Than The Music, a collective of women music writers and photographers for 10 years. She is a seasoned campaigner and tireless advocate for women.
NB: We aren’t actually related!

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