We want as many people as possible to see the best English folk, roots and acoustic music. We are open to conversations with Showcases and festivals around presenting stages at your events.

Present artists at EFEx: We provide bespoke opportunities to present selected artists to English Folk Expo delegates through a dedicated showcase. This is aimed at agents, labels, management companies or similar who are looking to present artists they work with to delegates and raise the profile of their organisation.

These events are tailored to meet an organisation’s requirements, but as a guide they are usually 2 hours in length and showcase 3 artists. The organisation covers the direct event and catering costs plus a small facility fee to contribute towards EFEx’s producing team.


Each year, we sign agreements with up to 4 countries, provinces or territories to have a presence at the showcase and in the public Manchester Folk Festival. The international partnership has many benefits including:

  • Providing a unique and targeted route to the English and UK market for the international partner, their industry and artists.
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with relevant industry within the vibrant and strategically important English and UK markets and beyond.
  • A tailored opportunity to showcase not only the best of the partner country’s artists but also to shine a spotlight on their industry and music offering as a whole through a high profile presence at the event.
  • An opportunity to attract media interest in coverage for the partnership territory and the partnership artists which can provide additional profile at a national and international level.

We see the international partnership is the start of an ongoing strong, reciprocal and collaborative relationship with both the English, UK and partner territory’s music sectors.
Partners to date have been Denmark, Flanders, Prince Edward Island, Wales, Scotland, Hungary and Ireland.

In addition, we were one of the lead partners on the Global Music Match international programme of sharing and learning across multiple territories and countries.


English Folk Expo were delighted to launch the Official Folk Albums Charts in 2020.

We are looking for a headline sponsor for these national charts.

Sponsorship includes naming rights, ongoing press features, VIP access to Official Folk Albums Chart events, logo and brand placement and the ability to reach folk music fans across all parts of the UK.

See the latest charts here


We run programmes and events to support artists progress their careers. Our focus is on professional, rather than creative development.

Each of our programmes have been structured or expanded as a result of partnerships with a range of festivals, organisations and funding bodies.

If you share our interest in supporting sustainable careers for artists, please do get in touch for an informal conversation.


We need a vibrant and dynamic music industry in order to present the best artists to new audiences. We have previously run dedicated programmes on promoter training, event management and music industry skills development.

Additionally, the Folk Talk Academy provides comprehensive learning resources for anyone building a career in the music industry. We are keen to hear from anyone interested in providing additional content for this platform.

We are keen to explore other areas we can develop partnerships and programmes to support other parts of the music industry or to continue to work with promoters and would-be promoters.


A key part of our work is around introducing folk, roots and acoustic music to wider audiences, such as through raising the profile of the genre.

In 2019, we were delighted to lead on a newly commissioned piece of gig theatre which commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre. Rising Up combined theatre and folk music to tell important stories about the role of women in protest, freedom of speech and democracy.

In 2022 we worked with the Alliance of Kashmiri Arts to commission a Kashmiri / English folk music project, Touchstone

We are always open to have conversations about potetial future projects which could meet our aims around audience development and supporting artists.


Whether your interest is in festivals, training, commissioning, identity, heritage or more generally in Greater Manchester, we are always looking for new supporters to ensure our work grows and continues.

We have a number of opportunities available for organisations and individuals to get involved in our work, whether this is sponsoring an event, supporting an artist or becoming a member of our community.

With key supporters we can offer ticket packages, advertising and profile space as well as event and stage naming rights.


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