Do you enjoy folk music, acoustic music, or just live music in general?

We will be uploading a video at 19:00 (UK time) every Monday evening showcasing some of the best folk tunes from around the globe - both traditional and contemporary!

As well as featuring house duo Kevin Lees and Sebastian Bloch, we'll be presenting an array of fine musicians playing only the great tunes they have to offer. Stay tuned each Monday evening for a brand new upload!

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The Good Tune Big Band Project

We asked folk musicians from around the world to collaborate with us to make one massive folk big band – here’s what happened! The tunes are St Anne’s Reel and Far Frae Hame. Thank you to all the incredible people who joined us on the project, it really was a hugely inspiring experience to put this together.

Featuring: Natalie Reid (clogs), Shona Mooney (fiddle), Roger Malton (fiddle), Deb Lees (low whistle), Andy May (northumbrian pipes), Bryony Bainbridge (viola), Henriette Flach (fiddle), Colin Grant (fiddle), Chrissy Crowly (fiddle), Michael Graubæk (fiddle), Mads Kjøller-Henningsen (wooden flute), Kristian Bugge (fiddle), Paul Knox (fiddle), Jonas Kongsted (double bass, mandolin & fiddle), Kevin Lees (fiddle), Jim Boyle (fiddle), Simon Nyberg (guitar & banjo), Sebastian Bloch (guitar), Julian Svejgaard Jørgensen (piano), Villads Hoffmann (cittern) and Emma Kragh-Elmøe (fiddle).

Here’s the type of thing they usually post:

A hugely popular tune worldwide, Margaret’s Waltz was written by English folk composer and collector Pat Shaw.

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