Monster Ceilidh Band seamlessly blend electronic dance music with traditional folk music and manage to encourage diverse audiences from all over the world to get up and party!

We’ve been pioneering a mix of different styles with traditional and contemporary folk tunes which has been endorsed by outstanding live performances at award-winning festivals such as Boom Town, Greenman, Bestival alongside more familiar folk offerings such as Sidmouth and Cambridge Folk Festivals.

Camera Phone Frankenstein – Monster Ceilidh Band in Lockdown

So at the time of posting this video everyone is locked up in houses because of the nasty virus that's going about. This left a friend of ours Emily Portman ( in a predicament, she was meant to be doing a composition class at Newcastle University sound studios. Our bassist David de la Haye whos a technician there suggested that you could probably make a pretty decent recording with just your mobile phone camera and he said he'd prove it. So he rang the rest of us and we agreed to give it a pop. If it's not obvious all of the audio on this recording has been recorded on phones or equivalent tech (details are on the video) and mixed in Davids home studio.The tune Super Mario Smackhead is another of accordionist Amy Thatcher's tunes written for a young boy and his class mate on youtube who had a video of him self smacking his own head with a text book put in time with the Super Mario them tune. Here's the video Why does this get funnier the more you watch it?You can help us out by commenting 🗨️, giving us a thumbs up 👍, and following us, so new uploads don't get lost in your news feed. Performers🎹 Amy Thatcher – Accordion recorded on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2🎻 Grace Smith – Fiddle – recorded on iphone 🎸 David de la Haye – Bass – recorded on Macbook pro internal mic🎸 Kieran Szifris – Octave Mandolin – recorded on Webcam🥁 Joseph Truswell – Drums and Laptop – recorded on Samsung s7🎧 Mixing and Mastering – David de la Haye📽️ Camera all of us!🎬 Editing Joseph TruswellYou can also buy CD's, T-shirts and see when we're playing live here support the band at our website → can also watch us on youtube – → → → in Town →

Posted by Monster Ceilidh Band on Thursday, 2 April 2020

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