Angeline Morrison is a Birmingham-born, Cornwall-based singer, songwriter and arranger in the genres of wyrd folk, witch folk, traditional folk, soul and 60s beat pop. You may have heard her dark contributions as half of Rowan : Morrison (with The Rowan Amber Mill), We Are Muffy (with Nick Duffy of The Lilac Time) or The Mighty Sceptres (with Frootful). In addition to these and other collaborations, Angeline is also a solo artist. She is currently recording her new solo album with the working title of The Black Sun.

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Lunchtime Sad Songs from the Kitchen, with me, Angeline Morrison! Gather your foods and let me sing to you as you eat, in the hope that my sad songs will soothe you. I’ll be reading you some poetry too (not mine). I wish you a very delicious and melodious lunch. If you enjoyed this and would like to make a contribution to my Tip Jar, this would be very much appreciated (though it’s very much optional). PayPal link below… Apologies for tech fumbling at the start, et Bon Appetit! ❤️

Posted by Angeline Morrison and the Ambassadors of Sorrow on Friday, 24 April 2020

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