The Strike a Chord Survey invites musicians to offer their reflections on the climate emergency, their ideas for more sustainable practice within the industry, and their intellectual and artistic engagement with the emergency.

Strike a Chord Survey: here

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We are hoping to use the responses to this survey to create recommendations for musicians on best practice for sustainability. We want to understand whether the resources already in the public domain are being used and understand what best practice is being implemented if any. We also want to get a feel from a musician’s point of view whether the wider industry is changing in practice to meet the challenge of the climate emergency. There are a lot of papers and information, but from the point of view of a musician, is anything happening?

Strike a Chord Survey: here

Resources mentioned in the survey can be found below, or downloaded in PDF format here.

Any questions, issues, or feedback, please send to hazel@englishfolkexpo.com

Thank you for your time!



Julie’s Bicyclehttps://juliesbicycle.com/
Julie’s Bicycle is a pioneering not-for-profit, mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate and ecological crisis.

Music Declares Emergencyhttps://musicdeclares.net/gb/
Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency and call for an immediate governmental response to protect all life on Earth.

A Greener Festivalhttps://www.agreenerfestival.com/
A Greener Festival is a not-for-profit company, committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to become more sustainable and to reduce environmental impacts.

Earth Percenthttps://earthpercent.org/
EarthPercent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.

ecolibrium aims to work with hundreds of organisations, artists and individuals to tackle thousands of tonnes of travel emissions, through investment in supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy.

Live GREENhttps://livemusic.biz/live-green/
At LIVE we recognise the global climate and biodiversity crisis as the greatest threat to humanity, and understand the importance of collaboration and community in building a sustainable society. We want to enable all in the live music industry to commit to climate action by providing the necessary support, resources and advice.

Climate Music Pact https://www.musicclimatepact.com/the-pact
To harness the power of the music industry towards inspiring transformational action on the climate crisis. By aligning as a sector, we stand to de-politicise sustainability and address our biggest environmental impacts in an efficient and collaborative way.

Nest Collectivehttps://thenestcollective.co.uk/
The Nest Collective is a leading force in contemporary and cross-cultural folk music. They bring people together to experience extraordinary music, rekindling connections with nature, tradition and community.

Australia’s Environmental Music Prizehttps://environmentalmusicprize.com/
Artists can create a new narrative, help us to dream big and have the power to influence vast audiences that bridge the climate divide. By helping them to speak out about the climate crisis, we will engage millions of music lovers from across the political spectrum and make climate action cool.

Money & Merch

Switch Ithttps://switchit.green/
Switch It is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easy for anyone to move their money out of institutions that fund fossil fuel companies.

Sustainable UK print-on-demand supplier for a renewable, circular future.

No Encore Apparelhttps://noencoreapparel.com/
A sustainable future for music merchandise. Vintage and secondhand clothing reimagined, repurposed and reprinted to make your merch.


Julie’s Bicycle ‘Green Rider’ – https://juliesbicycle.com/resource/green-rider/

Music Declares Emergency Action Pack – https://musicdeclares.net/assets/documents/pdfs/MDE-MUSIC-INDUSTRY-CLIMATE-PACK.pdf

Coldplay Sustainable Tour – https://sustainability.coldplay.com/

Nick Mulvey’s Recycled Vinyl – https://completemusicupdate.com/article/nick-mulvey-releases-vinyl-made-from-recycled-plastic-washed-up-on-cornish-beaches/


Meeting the Challenge of the Climate Emergency in the Music Industry – a panel with Sam Lee (Musician), Ross Patel (Whole Entertainment), Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival) and Joel Mills (British Council), presented as part of the ‘Folk Talk Live’ event on Weds 8th December 2021 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF_vNr8M6I4


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