Jon Doran is a Newcastle based folk singer and multi-instrumentalist from Gloucestershire. He was a 2019 finalist on BBC Radio 2's Young Folk Awards and a recent winner of Bromyard Folk Festival's 'Future of Folk' competition.

Jon has been posting loads of videos on his facebook page, have a look!

Miles Weatherhill

Day 4: I've loved this song ever since discovering Nancy Kerr and James Fagan's version but I ended up giving up on my arrangement of it after trying and failing to get clever with uneven bars. Anyway, today the turd polish came out and this is how it sounds…In other news… My duo Janice Burns & Jon Doran released a pre-order page for our debut EP last night. If you'd like one you can get it here:

Posted by Jon Doran Music on Saturday, 21 March 2020
Miles Weatherhill
I'll Take My Dog

Day 11: This song was an abandoned idea I had a good many moons ago. It's a song called 'I'll Take My Dog' from the singing of the English traveller singer Wiggy Smith. Thanks to Gwilym Davies for pointing me in his direction, I thoroughly recommend any trad song/tune fans to go check out his GlosTrad archive. Gwilym also does a sterling version of this song -I'm not certain if it's online somewhere but I'm sure he'd do it if you ask nicely.

Posted by Jon Doran Music on Saturday, 28 March 2020
I’ll Take My Dog

Day 7: Yesterday's song left me wanting to sing more of Robbie Bankes' songs. This is one of my favourite tracks of his album 'Foothills'. Apologies for getting some of the words mixed up Robbie, I also never quite working out how to end but I'm not apologising for that. Listen/buy the original though, it's mint!

Posted by Jon Doran Music on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

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