When multi-instrumentalist, composer and film-maker, Tamsin Elliott (Solana), went into lockdown, her situation was very different to most of us. Loneliness was not a concern – Tamsin shared a home with seven fellow musicians including folk award nominee Sid Goldsmith and members of SolanaYoung Waters and Hands of the Heron (plus four rescue chickens) for the duration.

With a crowded space and unknown amount of time ahead of them, they decided to do what they do best – create and collaborate – and with a situation so unique, Tamsin took the opportunity to document their journey. FROM THE COOP (part1) is the result.

Tamsin Elliott: These are unique and troubling times. As artists our identities often feel tied to our output, and the contact of performance reinforces our sense of worth. What happens when this is taken away from us? Where do we find meaning? How do we deal with the uncertainty around the return of our livelihoods?

A still taken from FROM THE COOP

From The Coop (part 1) is a 40 minute music documentary which follows eight musicians living at a small house in Bristol during lockdown. We are all full-time artists and the film looks at the effect Covid-19 has had on us, as well as showcasing the creativity which has come out of lockdown.

Having lost all of my performance work I turned to my camera to document what I realised was a pretty unique situation. I have been very lucky to spend this strange time with some amazing musicians, including Sid Goldsmith who co-produced this film with me. 

The film features diverse musical performances ranging from original folk songs and instrumentals to Spanish rumba flamenca and a traditional Armenian melody. Members of the household share personal accounts of life in lockdown, and a poem reflecting on the pandemic ties the whole piece together, making FROM THE COOP a pertinent exploration of our emotional response to the crisis.

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