The 9-member jury has put their heads together over the past few weeks
and after an extensive selection process by the jury, the participants of the EMBTF 2021 programme are now complete!

We are delighted to announce that English Folk Expo’s Chief Executive, Tom Besford has been selected as one of the taskforce.

Jeppe Rasmussen (Promus), Aarhus, MCN Member:
“I think the Jury managed to select a very strong and diverse group of music industry players who I am sure will bring many strong, progressive, and creative ideas to the table – ideas that will help shape the future of European music. From the beginning, it was important to have participants representing as many nationalities, genres, industry fields, skill sets, and cultures as possible and I think the jury managed to perfectly select
12 candidates who reflect that”

From August 2021 until the end of January 2022, these 12 upcoming
European music business professionals will have the opportunity to embark on a transnational European expedition searching for answers to the question:
How can we boost European music within Europe?

The first kick off online training session will be on August 18th 2021.
Additionally, the Task Force and the project will be presented at the SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. The programme is a unique chance to become part of a European music business task force that will actively shape the future of the European music market.

EMBTF is organized by the transnationally acting Music Cities Network in partnership with Promus Aarhus and in collaboration with four key northern European music festivals and conventions – SPOT Festival, DK, Reeperbahn Festival, DE, Iceland Airwaves, IS, Eurosonic, NL.

For more information, visit:

Special thanks go therefore to the jury, consisting of:
Bo Blaaberg, Jesper Mardahl, Katharin Ahrend, María Rut Reynisdóttir, Maxie Gedge, Robert Meijerink, Thomas Rohde, Victoria Skovhus, Will Larnach-Jones.


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