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Originally conceived as a close-harmony vocal trio, a collaboration with South London producer Kams brought them to the attention of Boiler Room’s Joe Muggs. The ensuing Boiler Room debut went viral, and brought their 2015 ‘The Nightjar’ EP plaudits from nearly 70,000 underground music fans, as well as the accolade of airplay on Radio 3’s Late Junction.

Drawing influence from the surreal atmospherics of Grouper, the stark and poignant balladry of Diane Cluck and the deft compositions of Colleen, The Nightjar use close-harmonies, tight-interlocking guitars, deep bass and an intense lead vocal to paint fragile, haunting landscapes for their dream-like, ethereal songs of hope, loss and disaster. Inspired by Eastern notions of emptiness and the ephemeral nature of reality, The Nightjar’s work holds a plaintive resonance of the philosophizing of legendary French composer Olivier Messiaen, whose Catholic faith and explorations of the void of existence comes to mind when The Nightjar refer to their album Objects as “songs for the end of time.”

‘Objects’ came into being in the autumn of 2015, when the band relocated to a farmhouse in rural Portugal to begin recording what would become their first full-length offering. The limitations of their equipment and the remoteness of the setting proved to be fertile, creative conditions; leading not only to the raw honesty and directness of the songs, but also a body of artworks, including photography, film and animation.

The album launch, held at Proud, London on March 15th and The Cube, Bristol on 17th March, showcases the band as a vibrant collective of multi-disciplinary artists and celebrates the value of collaboration. In partnership with artists Paul Blakemore and Anna Barrett, present a night of sound, light, projections and film.

The Nightjar are Jez Anderson, Mo Kirby, Sarah Ricketts, and Pete Thomas.

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