Mikey Kenny

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Mikey Kenney – majestic singer, poetic songwriter and traditional folk, bluegrass and Americana style fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist could’ve been born any time in the past 500 years, but it’s no coincidence that he is alive and well today; for there are no coincidences in nature or the music that grows from its seed. A veritable magician of such substantive law, Kenney’s music is a subtly powerful homage to the earth and hearts of humankind, and it succeeds from the bawdy level of spit and sawdust barroom sing-alongs to the lofty heights of the soul set free. Once heard, never forgotten.

‘As adventurous as it is accessible, The Counsel of Owls is a splendidly idiosyncratic record from a original talent’ 5/5 fRoots

Could well be a long-deleted album from an obscure psych-folk genius… The beauty and originality of this album stopped me in my tracks. Don’t wait until that Nissan advert in 2035 – discover this now’ Stirrings Magazine

Mikey Kenney is a multi-facetted talent; fiddle, guitar and banjo all flow capably in his hands… Kenney’s music is thoughtful and refreshingly unique. There is much to admire here.’ Maverick Magazine





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