Damien & The Omen

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This year marks the launch of Barber’s brand-new project Damien & The Omen. Damien leads the four-piece on vocals, concertina and guitar, accompanied by three fantastic musicians from his stage shows: Ben Griffith on guitar, vocals and percussion, Matt Aplin on piano and Hugh MacDermott on double bass. It’s the perfect platform for Barber to return to more intimate, stripped back performances inspired heavily by the traditional singers he grew up with in Norfolk, such as Peter Bellamy and Walter Pardon.  Having peeled away the frenzy of his rollicking dance shows, Damien’s distinctive and powerful voice takes the floor and transports the audience to the rural East Anglian landscapes of his youth and beyond, delving into the history and stories that live on through traditional folk songs. 2020 heralds the release of their debut album, produced by good friends and Grammy award winning producers Donal Hodgson and Kipper Eldridge, most notable for their work with Sting.

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