Artist : Entrepreneur Day 2018

Aug 30th, 2018

A day of practical training and information for artists looking to develop their careers and earning potential in the music industry

10am-5pm, Sunday 21st October | HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester M15 4FN

English Folk Expo is delighted to be working alongside the Featured Artists Coalition to offer a day of training to all showcasing artists.

About the A:E DAY
• Any artist who wants to make a living out of their music today needs to think like a small business.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU:DIY is a practical guide to building a long-term career and sustainable business around your music.

• With knowledge shared artist-to-artist, you’ll hear and learn from fellow artist entrepreneurs who will let you inside their careers and their businesses throughout the day, explaining: how they make and monetise their music, how they built and evolved a brand, how they found and engaged a fanbase, and how they decided which suppliers and business partners to work with along the way.

• The Artist:Entrepreneur Day also includes five Artist:Entrepreneur Guides from CMU:DIY. Together they provide all the basic information you need on five different aspects of the music business, including: revenue streams, music rights, gigging, digital channels and business partners.

• PLUS hear from leading experts in the music industry – including labels, publishers, collecting societies, promoters, agents, managers, lawyers and digital experts – find out what they do, what they offer artists, and when and how you might want to get them on board.

The English Folk Expo A:E Day is open to all musicians performing at EFEx 2018.
To sign up, please email
Places cost £10.

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